Just over 5,000 young supporters and their families experienced all the excitement, atmosphere and drama of a Boro home fixture during the 2017/18 season thanks to MFC's fantastic Matchday Squad experiences.

Dozens of schools, football teams and community clubs have taken advantage of the initiative, with children from all over Teesside and North Yorkshire enjoying the chance to take part in our amazing match day squad experiences.

Each experience is designed to put the club's youngest fans right at the heart of the action. 

Groups who take part in our Matchday Squad experiences also benefit from heavily-discounted match tickets for members, their families and their friends.

Player Walkout (ages five to 12)

This is our most prestigious Matchday Squad Experience where young supporters walk on to the pitch holding a player’s hand. There are 10 places available for juniors to walk out on to the Riverside pitch with the Boro players. As the excitement reaches fever pitch and walk-on music plays, the youngsters will walk out, hand-in-hand with a player. The youngsters will stand in front of the players for the introductions to the crowd and the Fair Play handshakes - an opportunity not to be missed.

Guard of Honour (ages five to 16)

Children will proudly form a guard of honour and welcome the players on to the pitch armed with Boro flags and banners. A truly fantastic chance to be right at the heart of the action as the players take to the field of play.

Flag Parade (ages five to 16)

This is a unique chance to parade around the Riverside pitch waving MFC Matchday Squad flags approximately 35 minutes before kick-off to welcome the supporters to the match. This is a fantastic way to raise awareness of your organisation and celebrate its successes.

If you are interested in being involved in our Matchday Squad experiences, please contact Abi Clarkson:


There is currently a waiting list so don’t hesitate to contact Abi if you want to be involved!